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A WellKnownDrunk (think me might just abbrev. from now on to WKD - thanks rich) strikes again.....

Last night i was a thoroughly WKD in that i drank a helluva lot of Jim Beam and coke (both black and white for variety) and interspersed it with a helping of Famous Grouse and coke, which is, as always, very very nice.

Highlights involve - ending up sitting on the floor, because it was more stable and comfy,
- attacking lots of peoples knees,
- throwing my still lit lighter across the floor
- randomly bluetoothing stuff to random people who happened to have left their connections open.
- Picking up Katie, picking up ellie, picking up both lauren and dan at the same time (who da man?!? lol).
- Perhaps one of the ultimate WKD moments was being told off by the barmaid for not leaving quick enough :D to which i replied that was spending the night there, lol.
- Girl in the silver metallic 'skirt' (belt) & her P.I.M.P boyfriend..... it was a wednesday evening ffs!!
- heading to the loos with the girls, lol.

To make things even better as a true WKD, i have no hangover today and actually feel better rested than i have all week, amazing isnt it? obviously too much blood was getting into my alcohol stream.
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